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Born in the Crimson Sea, on the ship The Noble Eclipse, in a litter of eight others, bred for nothing more than being attack and sport fighting dogs by the then pirate faction known as Raid's Crew, Nova was the runt of the litter and mainly used as a confidence building tool for the other dogs including his own siblings.

He wouldn't have been able to survive for very long if it weren't for the fact that Raid's Crew didn't happen upon and maraud a small secret station in the outer reaches of the Crimson Sea used for military experiments in genetic modification using concentrated gamma radiation from a nearby gamma star. Captain Raid took a special interest in the experiments being done at the station and decided to spare the head scientists for his own gain. He ordered the scientists under the threat of death to create a monstrous breed of dog. Naturally with Nova being a runt he was one of the first elected to be a test subject along with several other of the dogs.

Unlike the other test subjects, which more often than not died, Nova and his siblings showed surprising resilience to the experiments of being exposed to high amounts gamma radiation though they still took their toll. After this discovery, the experiments were focused on any who shared the same blood.

The experiments went on until a fateful day, when the gamma star abruptly started to display very unforeseen behavior, suddenly pulled in The Noble Eclipse and the experimental station, exploded,and exposed all in the vicinity with enormous amounts of gamma radiation crippling the station, The Noble Eclipse and her crew. Most died, while all that somehow managed to stay alive, suffered grave injuries and/or went through very horrific transformations.

Nova had awaken not the same and in almost unbearable pain due to severe burns and a semi-permanent case of radiation sickness. Over the next year on the drifting ship and station he began to take on a new humanoid shape and intelligence. His four remaining brothers Thrash, Ogre, Fiend and Star had taken on similar transformations. They eventually began to walk, talk and even understand how to operate some of the ship's and station's systems that were still functional.

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